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Anastellar Opti-CAL


Calcium and Collagen for bone strength and flexibility

It is a comprehensive calcium supplement that contains Calcium, Type 1 Hydrolysed Collagen, 1000 IU Vitamin D3, Magnesium and Vitamin K2 & other minerals and vitamins for bone strength and flexibility.

Size:30×day supply of Calcium and Collagen Tablets

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Anastellar Opti-CAL is indicated for (may help) reducing the risk of developing Osteoporosis and Osteopenia in later life. It helps with the strengthening of bone and teeth.


  • Calcium is essential for strengthening bones and teeth to help prevent weak bones and avoid breaks.
  • Type 1 Hydrolysed Collagen makes up the organic matrix of bone and assists with bone flexibility.
  • Vitamin K2 helps with optimal absorption of calcium thus helping the body properly utilise calcium to build healthy bone tissue.
  • Magnesium has direct and indirect effects on Osteoporosis.
  • Magnesium helps to activate Vitamin D, which is essential for calcium utilisation and moves the calcium from the blood and soft tissues into the bones.
  • Opti-CAL is indicated for (may help) reducing the risk of developing
  • Osteoporosis and Osteopenia in later life.
  • Opti-CAL is suitable for all young adults who are interested in starting Bone Building Therapy.
  • All women from the age of 24 should start Bone Building Therapy, because this is the time when bone break-down starts happening quicker than bone build-up can take place.
How to Use:
  • Take one White Calcium and Collagen Tablet at night with dinner.
  • Not only is Calcium best absorbed at night after a meal, but it also helps to aid in a good night’s sleep.
When to use:


  • Take 2 hours before or after taking other medications.
  • Consult your healthcare professional if you are taking blood thinners, symptoms worsen or you are following a low protein diet.
Nutritional Information:
White Calcium Tablet:
  • Collagen Hydrolysed Type l (150mg) Magnesium (150mg) Vitamin D3(1000IU) Vitamin K2 (45mg)
  • Calcium (500mg) Collagen Hydrolysed Type l(150mg) Copper (1mg) Magnesium (150mg) Manganese (3mg) Potassium (20mg)Selenium (30mg) Silica (1mg) Vitamin D3 (1000IU) Vitamin K2 (45mg) Zinc (15mg)
Mineral content: All minerals are expressed as their elemental value.
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