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Anastellar FerOvance


Red Blood Cell Boosting Nutrients

It contains red blood cell boosting nutrients in an innovative delayed-release capsule.It is formulated to assist in Iron Deficiency Anaemia and Nutritional Deficiency Anaemia.

Size: 30 x White Delayed-Release Gel Capsules

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Anastellar FerOvance contains red blood cell boosting nutrients in an innovative delayed-release capsule. It contains amino acid chelated Ferrous Iron, active Folate, active Vitamin B6, active Vitamin B12 and 250mg of Vitamin C.


  • Contains Amino Acid Chelated Iron – the chelated iron is in the ferrous form for optimal oral iron absorption.
  • Chelated iron does not bind to inhibitors in the stomach enhancing its absorption. It also causes fewer gastrointestinal disturbances than conventional iron salts.
  • Includes Methylated B Vitamins – Folate, Vitamins B6 and B12 in their active state. The body can absorb and utilise these nutrients faster than synthetic forms to support red blood cell production.
  • Includes 250mg of Vitamin C to enhance iron absorption.
  • Uses Delayed-Release Capsules – these vegan-friendly capsules are designed to resist stomach acid to protect the nutrients from release in the stomach, allowing dissolution in the small intestine.
  • This also allows for taste and odour masking of mineral ingredients increasing digestive comfort.
  • The additional benefits of using delayed release capsules are that the capsules in FerOvance are that the capsules are plant based and they also mask taste and odours of herbal or mineral ingredients which can increase digestive comfort. FerOvance is vegan friendly
How to Use:
  • Take one capsule daily with a meal, or as prescribed by your Healthcare Professional
When to use:


Nutritional Information:

Delayed Release Capsules:

  • Iron Amino Acids Chelate (24mg) Folate (400mg) Vitamin B6 (25mg) Vitamin B12(25mg) Vitamin C (250mg)
Vitamins and Minerals Content: All Vitamins and Minerals are expressed 
as their elemental value.
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