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Solal Women


Solal Women

A comprehensive nutraceutical for women.

Size: 180 Capsules

In stock

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SOLAL Women contains optimal doses of bioidentical vitamins and chelated minerals, with concentrated herbal and plant extracts, antioxidants and all 3 forms of omega: krill oil, fish oil and flaxseed oil, each providing different health benefits.


SOLALWoman contains optimal doses of vitamins and minerals, with nutrients supporting good health in women.

How to Use:

SOLALWoman MultiCap:
Adults: Take 2 capsules twice daily, with or after food.

SOLALWoman Omega-3:
Adults: Take2 capsules daily, after food.

When to use:

Morning and Evening





Do not use this product if you are hypersensitive (allergic) to any of the ingredients. If you are on any medication or suffering from any medical condition, it is advisable to seek medical advice before starting any new medicine, supplement or remedy. Do not exceed recommended dosages unless on the advice of a healthcare practitioner. This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Health supplements are intended only to complement health or supplement the diet.

If you have a history of non-melanoma skin cancer, consult a health care practitioner prior to use. If you are attempting to conceive, consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use. If you have a liver disorder or symptoms of low oestrogen (such as joint pain, mood changes, changes in libido, hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness or irregular menstruations), consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use. If you develop liver-related symptoms (e.g. yellowing of the eyes and/or skin, dark urine, abdominal pain, jaundice) or symptoms of low oestrogen, discontinue use and consult a healthcare practitioner.

Side Effects

Side effects may include abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhoea, heartburn, fishy aftertaste, irritability and insomnia.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use this product.

Active Ingredients:
SOLALWoman MultiCap
  • Alpha lipoic acid 12.5mg
  • Chlorella 25mg
  • Co-enzyme Q10 7.5mg
  • Grape seed extract 11.875mg
  • Green tea extract 11.875mg
  • Indole-3-Carbinol Cruciferous 18.75mg
  • Resveratol 12.5mg
  • Rhodiola rosea 37.5mg
  • Spirulina 25mg
  • Vitamin A 728IU
  • Vitamin B1 0.219mg
  • Vitamin B2 0.693mg
  • Vitamin B3 3.681mg
  • Vitamin B5 3.587mg
  • Vitamin B6 0.685mg
  • Vitamin B8 120μg
  • Vitamin B12 24.5μg
  • Vitamin C 30mg
  • Vitamin D3 125IU
  • Vitamin E 7.43IU
  • Vitamin H 125μg
  • Calcium 20.7mg
  • Chromium 12.6μg
  • Copper 31.25μg
  • Iodine 37.2 μg
  • Magnesium 23mg
  • Molybdenum 6.25 μg
  • Manganese 0.25 mg
  • Selenium 15 μg
  • Zinc 6.25 mg
SOLALWoman Omega-3
  • Krill oil 100mg
  • Fish oil 500mg
  • Flaxseed oil 400mg
  • Which supply:
  • ALA 153mg
  • EPA 75mg
  • DHA 50mg
  • Vitamin E 4mg
Inactive Ingredients
SOLALWoman MultiCap

Microcrystalline cellulose, talc, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.

SOLALWoman Omega-3

Gelatine (capsule shell), glycerol, silicon dioxide and water.

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